"Chocolate never asks silly questions.  Chocolate understands."


All of our truffles and chocolates are made with the highest quality Valrhona chocolate and from organic ingredients sourced locally whenever possible.  All truffles are corn-syrup and preservative free.  Available individually or boxed

Caramel Knowledge

Espresso Roast

A burst of sweet and salty hand-made caramel that you must place in your mouth entirely at once for full knowledge.

Beneath a swirl of single-origin dark chocolate, smooth milk ganache awakens with

espresso roast.

Raspberry Silk

Luscious Lemon

Inside the red-painted chocolate shell a raspberry chocolate ganache can hardly wait to delight.

Beneath the yellow turban, you'll find organic lemon-infused silky ganache for a burst of sunshine.

Mint Kiss

Mini Hearts

Intense dark chocolate embraces organic peppermint.  Oh, they make a lovely and tasty couple!

Petite hand-painted hearts filled with your choice of ganache.  Perfect for wedding favors, showers, and parties.  Not available in Caramel Knowledge.

Triple Chocolate

Honey Thai

On the outside, a single-origin chocolate. Inside, a creamy milk chocolate that has been kissed by French lavender.

Regional honey marries with creamy Tahini for a nutty butter flavor and satiny feel.  This truffle contains no dairy or nuts.

Tropical Honey

Hungarian Heat

Coconut, honey, and lime frolic in a delicate bamboo chocolate shell. Like a tropical vacation in your mouth.  This truffle is dairy-free.

Bits of sweet and hot Hungarian peppers swirl in a fruity dark chocolate to delight your senses.


Truffle Squared

Smooth coconut and a splash of pomegranate molasses adds a layer of sweet intrigue. This truffle is vegan.

Rich, dark chocolate ventures on the wild side with truffle honey for rich taste that will leave you wanting more.

Sanguine Orange

Earl Grey

Inside creamy Valrhona chocolate awaits delightful sweet tart orange chocolate ganache in a burst of delicious flavor.

Awaken your senses with the delicate aroma and taste of smooth Earl Grey tea ganache nestled inside creamy chocolate.

Double Hearts

Smouldering Malt

Ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or to say, "I love you." Choose from centers such as luscious lemon, mint kiss, raspberry silk, dark chocolate. More options are available for special order.  Not available in caramel knowledge.

Creamy adult milk chocolate with a hint of smokey malt.


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Made with 100% French Chocolate
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